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Decor Print | Terms of Service

Decor Print provides an online custom-print wallpaper and fabric service and allows you to select from one of our images or provide your own. We strive to give customers a consistent and reliable print service that is responsive and inspiring. We encourage you to explore our site and use our services, provided you are willing to comply with these Terms of Service.
If you choose to upload one of your own images, you must have full creative ownership of that image. By using our service and sending images for us to print, you are assuming responsibility for the rights to reproduce and/or distribute those images. Please do not use images copyrighted or otherwise owned by someone else! We cannot be held liable, and that mistake can be costly. Decor Print has the right to refuse any order based on perceived violation of this policy or for any reason.
Decor Print cannot be responsible for the marketability of your project, and we encourage you to order test prints to evaluate your design for color, scale and layout before placing a substantial order. We offer color references and test prints for your convenience, but we cannot be liable for your designs nor color choices. Please contact us at ​​ with any questions or design service inquiries.
Decor Print cannot assume responsibility for the suitability of your custom order for your projected end-use. Decor Print also cannot be liable for any damages or losses associated with the production of a custom order. If you have questions regarding your planned order, do not hesitate to contact us at ​​. Our goal is your satisfaction and success in each endeavor.
Decor Print respects your right to your images and, other than storing the files for your potential future orders, would not hold them for reproduction. However, Decor Print cannot guarantee that past online orders can be reproduced, and therefore the customer must assume responsibility for holding on to copies of files for future use.
Decor Print strives to provide an excellent color-matching service and unparalleled precision, but we cannot guarantee that every print can hit every color range. Nor can Decor Print be responsible for slight variations in color in reprints, considering unforeseen supplier changes in ink chemistry and such. Having said this, we will always attempt to make you a happy customer