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Color Reference

Color Reference Chart

A great way to begin your project with confidence! Our color references are a terrific tool for when you need to get the color just right. Printed on the cloth you specify, these color prints are labeled with rgb values. Simply use these values in your Adobe program or when you are communicating with us. Color reference prints are only $35 and are a terrific resource for future projects.

Your File Type, Size and Resolution

Our preferred file is a jpeg image and no larger than 50 MB. Contact us with any special requests at An ideal file resolution for digital printing is 150 dpi (dots per inch), but we can also work with 300 dpi. Please take a moment to think about how file resolution will impact the size of your image. Be certain to select the correct resolution at the point of upload, or your image may print at an unexpected scale!

Fabric Types

Please click below for more information on the types of fabric we offer.

Due to set-up, we request a three-yard minimum per order.

Note: Fabrics may shrink during the printing and washing process +/- 2%. This means that your design dimensions may change slightly.

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