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Decor Print | FAQs

We have been digitally printing for nearly twenty years. We use nano-pigments or transfer dye sublimation to digitally print images directly onto fabric or paper. For wallpaper we use latex inks.

All of our prints are permanent, so your fabrics are suitable for apparel, upholstery, draperies, shower curtains and crafts. Although spot cleaning is possible, we recommend professional dry cleaning, and some prints can fade in sunshine, over time. Contact us with any specific questions or to inquire about providing your own fabric.

Due to set-up, we request a three-yard minimum per order.

With a minimum order of 50 yards, we will be happy print on your cloth. Please contact us at with your request or any questions.

Our ideal file is always 150 dpi and a jpeg image that is in repeat and no larger than 50 MB. Typical fabric widths are 48" (for silk) to 58" (poly twill), so your design will be repeated out to cover the entire print area unless otherwise noted. See Fabric Selection for fabric widths.

We would be happy to ship your roll to an outside finisher for coating per your specs, but except for a couple of polyesters, none of our substrates are inherently flame retardant. Contact us with any questions.

At Decor Print, your satisfaction is our number-one goal. Review your fabric options using our Swatch Booklet. These 4" x 4" samples are handy for today's project - and for planning future creations. Just $5.

For best results, we recommend Professional Dry Cleaning. Ask your dry cleaner to use a hydrocarbon solvent only.

For stain removal, we recommend taking to a professional dry cleaner because - as with any printed fabric - scrubbing can cause fading. Some polyesters can stand up the heat of the sun and weather for a couple of seasons.

Fabrics can occasionally be gently washed in cold water with a non-sulfate, (sulfate-free) detergent and no bleach or whiteners. Be sure to iron after cleaning for the best results. Use the linen or cotton setting on your iron accordingly.

Some laundry detergents include sulfates. Sulfates are what produces the lather in the detergents, soaps, and shampoos they are used in. You can find products like the All - Fresh Clean Essentials Laundry Detergent which is fragrance and sulfate-free.

Colors on screen often print a little differently on cloth. A great way to check your selections is to request a test print. Just $15 for a 9" x 12" swatch. Select Test Swatch when ordering.

Getting the pattern just right is not just about color. Our talented staff can help fix design flaws and generate repeats, even colorways. Contact us with any questions!